Friday, 20 May 2011

tpsvrinit() failed: Error starting minimum number of handlers

Unable to start application server and TUX Log shows below jolt error 1008

JSH.1663138.1.-2: JOLT_CAT:1030: "INFO: Jolt Handler joining application" !JSH.1663138.1.-2: INFO: JOLT Handler version-BEA Jolt 9.1 !JSH.1663138.1.-2: JOLT_CAT:1008: "ERROR: Could not establish listening address on network 0x000223f1a51a9750" JSL.557108.1.0: JOLT_CAT:1079: "ERROR: Error starting mininum number of handlers" JSL.557108.1.0: LIBTUX_CAT:250: ERROR: tpsvrinit() failed

It happened after I recreated a domain configuration of which was messed up. After creating new domain when I started the application server in parallel boot all processes came up except JSL.
In the Tux Log when I saw this error my eyes got struck at this line.
JSL.557108.1.0: JOLT_CAT:1079: "ERROR: Error starting mininum number of handlers"

I opened the configuration file and checked the Min /Max number of Handlers which were 9 and 12 respectively. I wondered that as these settings were default for the domain type then why it isn't able to start JSL with minimum handlers. I changed the settings for min and max numbers of handlers and tried to start the appserver but nothing worked out. Finally I decided to change the JSL port and once I changed the JSL port my appserver booted up perfectly.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

LDAP Authentication Failed

We have been facing issue related to LDAP authentication quite frequently. PeopleSoft User ids like 'PS' ,'VP1' works fine but whenever a user tries to signon using his/her universal user id he/she gets error "Invalid Password". Few of the users also tried to logon after changing their password but no success.
After doing much of head scratching we found that it's a very small issue related to configuration files of application server. psappsrv.env file is the configuration file which contains the environment information like PS_HOME of the application server. It also contains LIBPATH for other required programs like tuxedo, cobol, database client as well as for LDAP. Due to Oracle bug after appserver is reconfigured LIBPATH variable gets changed and needs to be updated to reflect correct changes.

LIBPATH parameter before change

LIBPATH parameter after change

(Please note the semicolon ':' after /psoft/oracle/lib path)
After adding the semicolon, please save psappsrv.env file and restart the application server.

Every time appserver is configured for changing other parameters, psappsrv.env needs to be updated again.

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