Thursday, 10 December 2009

Windows Shortcuts -1

appwiz.cpl     - Add Remove Programs
sysdm.cpl     - System Properties
regedit          - Registry
control panel - Control panel
iexplore        - Internet Explorer
sysdm.cpl     - to open system properties
winmsd.exe   - to see system information (eg. 32bit or 64 bit, other hardware details)

How to Disable Browser Caching in PeopleSoft

A browser will cache various pages and states in memory to increase performance. It may be necessary to disable these performance features on the browser for security reasons. Note that once caching is disabled, the Back button on the browser stops working in PIA.
To disable caching:
1. In PIA, navigate to PeopleTools, Web Profile, Web Profile Configuration.
2. Select the web profile that you want to configure; for example, PROD.
3. Select the Caching page.
4. Make sure that the "Cache Generated HTML" and "Cache Homepage" check boxes are both cleared.
5. Save your changes

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

PIA login page shows intermittent behaviour

After entering the login details on the PeopleSoft PIA page, browser shows blank page and URL keeps on blinking intermittently in the address bar at the bottom

Below steps are suggested to resolve this issue.
1. Please make sure the system time of the local client machines is correct and synchornized with PeopleSoft Server. In case the time difference is more than session time out set at webserver ,user IE will keep on looping after the login screen.
2. In your browser, check the Internet Options > Connections > Lan Settings and see whether there is any proxy server specified there.
3. Try setting Security Medium-low for local intranet, Low for trusted sites.
4. Add the Authentication Domain into the Exceptions for use of the Proxy.   In IE, >  Connections>  LAN Settings > set the *.AuthDomain to  Proxy  Exceptions.
5. Disable all browser popup blockers.
6. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and Hit Restore Defaults.
7. Try turning off HTTP 1.1 Settings from the Advanced Tab.

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