Monday, 2 February 2009

Changing Password of PTWEBSERVER

Change the password of the user PTWEBSERVER, if used to create Peoplesoft website.


There are 2 places that changes need to be made

Step 1:
PTWEBSERVER is a user id in the user profile, so you can change the
password by opening the user profile for PTWEBSERVER by navigating to
Peopletools -> Security -> User Profiles

Step 2 :
Once you change the password, you have to run run the PSCipher script
located in ($PSHOME\webserv\)

On a UNIX machine, change the script file permissions so you
can execute it.

Execute the script file with your password as an argument, for example:


The utility returns the encrypted password as a string; for example:

Copy the encrypted string and paste it into the
file, for example:


After you save the file, restart your web
server and the new profile takes effect.

Bypassing PS Signon Page

Bypassing PSsignon screen on PIA and directly navigate to Target Page

1. In PIA, Navigate to Peopletools > Web Profile > Web Profile configuration
Click on Search and choose the appropriate web profile(DEV).
Go to "Security" tab and in the "Public User" section , enter the valid login details
eg. User id = VP1 Password = VP1
click on Save.

2. On Webserver, Navigate to $PS_HOME/webserv/domain/applications/peoplesoft/PORTAL/WEBINF/psftdocs/website/
Open file and enter the following

3. Now you can directly access any page inside the peoplesoft application without logging into the PIA.
Just provide the URL for the page and access

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